DataGrid column width.

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I recently found out that the datagrid component doesn`t have the column property. The smartdevice project doesn`t have DataGridView in the toolbox, so you would have to work with the DataGrid componnent.

[All code below is in C#]
At first you must create a DataGridTableStyle :

DataGridTableStyle ts = new DataGridTableStyle();

ts.MappingName = “”;

If you have a DataTable to use as a datasource for the grid :

DataTable t = getProduse();

Now if you have to create DataGridColumnStyles for each column in the datatable:

for (int i = 0; i < t.Columns.Count; i++)


DataGridColumnStyle Col = new DataGridTextBoxColumn();

Col.MappingName = t.Columns[i].ColumnName;

Col.HeaderText = t.Columns[i].ColumnName;

Col.Width = 400;



After this you add the DataGridTableStyle to the DataGrid:
Now when you select the DataSource the grid will have the Style you want:
dataGrid1.DataSource = t;

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By Ing. Msc. Dan Gheorghe