My name is Dan-Alexandru Gheorghe. I am a software engineer, graduate of Computer Science of Politehnica University of Bucharest, where i got my Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and i am currently working at my doctorate.


Teaching Assistant, Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare, Bucuresti, BUCURESTI (Part time)
Software / Programming
2011-02 – present
Creating the development and teaching platform for the laboratory.
Motivating, coordinating, advising and grading students based on their results in every task.
Teaching Commerce Server 2009 :
-how to`s
-best practices,
-practices to avoid
-real life solutions
Preparation of the laboratory material(documents and video tutorials) for each week.I have taught 50 students the basics of Commerce Server, in a very interactive way, the way i would have wanted to be taught.
I also gave a lecture ( at the course) to over a 100 students about Commerce Server.
The documentation for the laboratory was also done by myself, from experience i have gained in the real world with this technology.
.NET Developer, Spectra Computers International (Full time)
Software / Programming
2007-07 – present
software design,development and implementation, testing and maintenanceI had the opportunity to work (at many levels: architecture, development, production deploy) in:
– software of weighing automation for a large delivery company
-2 access control and monitoring software for an amusement park from Bacau, and Praid Salt Mine
-software infrastructures for managing big events t (ex: the reunion of delegates from 250 companies across the country).
-document management solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0 and Sharepoint Foundation)
-document imaging software for SharePoint with Atalasoft
-the first B2B e-commerce platform in Romania based on Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 and SAP
-Online Monitoring System for  Cet Vest Bucharest
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